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Wallpaper Hanging

Hanging new wallpaper can dramatically change the look of your home and it’s a great DIY home-improvement project. The key to putting up wallpaper successfully lies in good planning and knowing the tricks for achieving smooth seams, working on corners and cutting and trimming the wallcovering.

Ceiling Coving

At their simplest, moldings are a means of applying light and dark shaded stripes to a structural objects without having to change the material or apply pigments. The contrast of dark and light areas gives definition to the object.

Bees Waxing

Beeswax has been used as a finish since ancient times and in this county it has been in common use certainly since the Middle Ages. It is made into a polish simply by shredding the beeswax into a solvent, usually turpentine then gently heating it over a bath of hot water until the wax is dissolved. Waxes dry by a complex chemical reaction involving oxidation and a change in the molecular structure. A film forms as they dry which is tough and resilient.

Floor Painting

Painting older solid wood floors can give them new life without the expense and mess of refinishing them. It can also make your floors a beautiful design element in their own right, particularly with interesting patterns. It takes some time and patience to paint hardwood floors, but if you know how to apply nail polish, you already know the basics.

Painting might sound like a do-it-yourself project…

...but handling the job on your own can lead to messes, additional expense for mistakes and a less than perfect finish.

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